Thursday, June 12, 2008

An Open Letter To Mother Nature

Dear Mother Nature-

As much as I am fascinated by severe weather and tornadoes, can this severe weather season please be over? We started back in February with the Super Tuesday outbreak that killed over 50 people in the Southeast, making it the deadliest U.S. outbreak since 1985. Then, even though Oklahoma has escaped the worst this year, the city of Picher's relocation project was tragically hurried along. An EF-5 tornado nearly wiped an Iowa town off the map. If that isn't enough, now four Boy Scouts, ages between 13 and 14, were killed in a tornado in Iowa yesterday, along with two other people in Kansas. The city of Manhattan took a direct hit, with K-State University suffering damage. Also, Iowa State University is suffering flood damage from floods that are approaching once in every 500 year levels in Iowa.

Enough is enough. Please stop.



Jessica said...

I would like to say AMEN!

Charly said...

Spooky. I was just getting ready to write a post titled....Letter to Mother Nature. A tornado was reported two miled south of Wyandotte this evening. Two miles south of Wyandotte is the location of a majority of my family. Not much damage and thank God no injuries, but good grief...let it stop already. My parents with 6 other family members or friends were huddled in my parents newly installed storm cellar.
I also saw Picher this weekend with my own eyes. Greensburg all over again. This storm season could not end soon enough for me.
Sorry for the long comment, now I'll go rant on my own blog.